• Does J. J. Landerman Roofing remove snow & ice from roofs?
    Yes we do, please call us today!

  • What kind of roofing services do you offer?
    We offer a variety of commercial and residential services including roofing replacement, roofing repair, inspections, maintenance plans, snow removal and property management. We are your roofing contractor in Bloomfield, Connecticut

  • How do I know if I need a new roof?
    An experienced roofer should be able to inspect the roof and tell you if you need a new roof.  Some of the items to look for would be buckled shingles, splits or cracks in the shingles, how much granule wear is on the shingles and the condition of the flashings around the vents, pipes, chimneys and skylights.  You should also check the flashings at wall intersections and valleys.

  • Do I have to remove the old roof?
    This depends on the condition of the existing roof, how many layers are in place and the condition of the sub-straight or decking under the shingles.  An experienced roofer should be able to determine this.  In general, it is better to rip the old roof down to the deck.

  • How long does it take to put a new roof on?
    This would depend on several factors:  the size, steepness, whether you are removing the existing roof, the number of layers of the existing roof and, of course, the weather.  Generally speaking a roof should be completed within a one week time period.

  • How long will my roof last?
    That depends on the type of shingle.  The most common types are a fiberglass strip shingle which has a life expectancy of 20-25 years and an architectural shingle which has a life expectancy of 25-50 years, depending on the grade of the architectural shingle.

  • Do I need to do anything to maintain my roof?
    All roofs should be inspected on an annual basis and have maintenance done if necessary.

  • How can I tell what kind of shingle I have?
    There are many types of roofs.  There are wooden shingle roofs, slate roofs, metal roofs, fiberglass strip shingles and architectural shingles and there are many styles of each of these types of shingles.  An experienced roofer can help you identify your shingle and/or manufacturers like GAF, Certainteed and Owens Corning have websites showing styles to help you determine what type of roof you have.

  • Do valleys always have to be flashed?
    Yes, valleys always need to be flashed.  They can be done in several ways.  There are metal valleys with aluminum or copper, and most commonly, there are valleys that have 36" wide ice and water shielding material with either a woven pattern with the shingles or installed with a California Cut.

  • What is an architectural shingle and how do I know what type of shingle to use?An architectural shingle is a laminated shingle that gives a layer effect.  It is the most common style of shingle used today.  These shingles range in grade from 30 year, 40 year and 50 year.  There are also shingles that are considered lifetime shingles.  The type of shingle to use would be determined by your needs, such as how long you plan to live in your home and whether you are trying to achieve a specific look.  Shingles that have longer life expectancy usually have a different aesthetic look.  A heavier shingle will have a longer life and may have a design and pattern which bears consideration.  It is a good idea to get samples of different styles of shingles and perhaps make note of other roofs you admire to aide your professional roofer in helping you make a satisfying choice.

  • I have skylights.  Do they need to be replaced when we replace the roof?
    Generally speaking you should replace skylights at the same time you install a new roof.  Your skylight could leak and affect the integrity of your new roofing system.

  • Can you re-point my chimney?
    If there are minor cracks in the mortar of your chimney we can seal them.  If there are severe cracks and voids in your brickwork, we would recommend a licensed mason to properly repair your chimney.

  • Will you come and inspect my roof?
    We do free home inspections for homeowners.  However, we do charge an inspection fee if you are looking to purchase a home.  Typically we are happy to apply that fee to the purchase price of a new roof.

  • How do you drain a flat roof?
    Flat roofs are drained with internal drains, gutters and leaders or through wall scuppers.

  • Why would I want to do business with you?
    J.J. Landerman Roofing is a company that was established in 1935.  We pride ourselves in providing good quality, good pricing and excellent service!

  • How do I compare bids?  The most important things to look for:
    When you compare bids, they should include the same items.  You should determine the type of shingle that you want, whether the roof is being ripped to the deck and should also include the following: ice and water shielding material, ridge vent, pipe boots, flashings around chimneys and penetrations, drip edge and rake metals. The contractor should be licensed and have proper workman's compensation and liability insurance.  The contractor should be in good standing with the manufacturer of the products that they use and with the suppliers that they buy their materials from.

  • Licensing
    Each state has its own requirements. In the State of Connecticut you are required to be a licensed Home Improvement Contractor.

  • Are you going to meet the OSHA standards?
    All of our workers are schooled and trained to comply with OSHA standards on all types of roofing installations.