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Benefits of Metal Roofing:

  • Low-maintenance
  • Energy-efficient
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made from recycled material
  • Insurance discounts possible
  • Natural and biodegradable
  • Superior protection from fires, hurricanes, and high winds
  • Long lasting, with an average lifespan of 40-60 years

J.J. Landerman Roofing Company uses a variety of metal roofing systems for CT area customers.  To customize the look of their metal roof, clients may chose from a variety of materials (i.e., copper, steel, galvanized, galvilune, or aluminum), finishes (i.e., painted, anodized, enameled, and KYnar 500), and colors (i.e., Hartford Green, Patena Green, White, Almond, Beige, Red, Orange, Blue, Gray, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, Metallic, and Custom). Textural differences serve to differentiate roofing systems as well. They can be batten in the seam, snap-on panels, standing seam, ribbed panels and can have varying widths of different gauges.

Among the many different components that go into the construction of a metal roofing system are valleys, hook pieces, rake trims, drip edges, Z pieces, and ridge pieces. The overall system is generally secured with hidden clips and hidden fasteners.  Some metal roofing systems, however, feature exposed fasteners, which have screws of stainless steel and grommeted fasteners. It's really a matter of aesthetic preference.

Metal roofing systems are designed with different specifications based on uplift requirements, spans, and length of panels, which can also be manufactured with curbs and angles. Peterson Aluminum, Berridge, Attas, AEP Span and Firestone are just a few leading manufacturers of metal roof systems we use in CT. Individual warranties are based on the type of system used and are available to protect paint finishes as well.

Or, explore the other roofing systems we install for clients around the Hartford, CT area:

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