Residential Roof Snow Removal

 If you have accumulated snow or ice on your ROOF, remember that JJ Landerman Roofing is here to help. Winter time in the Northeast can bring a lot of work to you and your family. 

For your convenience, we offer roof snow & ice removal in Connecticut along with all of our other roofing services. If you are in the market for snow removal contractors, give us a call today at  (888) 854-6795.

Why Should I Remove Snow from My Roof?

Snow can be much heavier than you might assume. Just a few inches of wet snow can weigh as much as 20 inches or more of dry snow. Not to mention, ice dams can form even without snow, causing roof leakage and other internal home damage. This is very common on the sloped roofs you find on most homes! For example, interior doors can start to bear the brunt of the weight, particularly on the second floor, causing warping.

Help! I Need Emergency Snow Removal!

Whether you have a residential  roof or a commercial industrial roof in Connecticut, we can provide the emergency roof snow removal for Hartford residents, business owners, and beyond. Contact our roofing specialists, specifically familiar with the Connecticut area.



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